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Central New York

What Is The CNY Referral Network?

The CNY Referral Network is a coalition of health & human service agencies using the Unite Us platform to coordinate referrals for community members to connect with resources for their health and social needs.

The platform and teams who support the network streamline what is typically a manual, labor-intensive referral process. This saves the staff of network partners significant time and effort, while improving communication and follow-up to ensure that community members get connected to the resources they need. 

How Does The CNY Referral Network Work?


A community member is in need of help. They either show up at a partner organization, reach out over the phone, or submit an assistance request form online. The network partner screens and identifies the person's needs and creates a service request.


Through the platform, partners seamlessly communicate with other providers in real time and securely share information about the person in need. The community member receives the care and services they need.


Throughout the health journey, the outcome of the community member is tracked, providing the referrer with real-time updates within the platform. Network partners support the overall health of the network by being responsive to service requests.


This program is a collaboration between Inclusive Alliance IPA & Healthy Alliance IPA, co-awardees of the Central New York Care Collaborative PPS DSRIP wind-down RFI, the source of funding for this program. 

Health & Human Service Agencies
Counties in Central New York
Services Offered

Coalition of Agencies

We are a coalition of over one hundred health & human services agencies in Cayuga, Madison, Lewis, Onondaga, Oneida, & Oswego counties.

Free Network

There is no cost to agencies to join the CNY Referral Network or to use Unite Us, the closed-loop referral platform for sending and receiving referrals for client/patient services.

Comprehensive Services

Programs and services in the platform include physical health, behavioral health, & social needs like food, transportation, legal assistance, housing, and more!

Together we are stronger.


Service Providers

Each organization who joins our network creates another entry point for our community members to get access to valuable services for their well being.



Our free referral platform connects community members with social needs to our growing network of organizations ready and willing to help. 



As a community, we can make a difference in people's lives. The CNY Referral Network helps individuals find the services they need, building a stronger, healthier community. 

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