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Local Independent Practice Association Awarded Contract with Health Research Incorporated at the New York State Department of Health

Syracuse, NY – August 16, 2023 – In a stride toward promoting diabetes prevention and better health outcomes for residents in Central New York, the Inclusive Alliance has been selected by the diabetes program at the New York State Department of Health for a critical role supporting type 2 diabetes prevention. Funded by a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this engagement positions Inclusive Alliance as an Umbrella Hub, connecting local community-based organizations (CBOs) with modern health care payment systems.

Under this contract, Inclusive Alliance will support community-based organizations (CBOs) in Central New York with billing health insurance companies for their National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change programs. It will also streamline required data collection, reporting, credentialing, training, and other administrative needs. This means more CBOs can offer these services without the administrative and financial burden of billing, expanding the program's reach. As more CBOs become recognized to offer the National DPP lifestyle change program, more Central New Yorkers will have opportunities to access vital preventive services, leading to better health outcomes with a more seamless experience with better coordination between different health service providers. Efforts to expand access to the National DPP will focus on CBOs that serve communities that face disparities in diabetes prevalence.

"This is not just a contract—it's an opportunity for more community-based organizations in Central New York to gain access to the essential infrastructure needed to bill for the impactful lifestyle change program offered by the National Diabetes Prevention Program," said Lauren Wetterhahn, Executive Director of Inclusive Alliance. “Many community-based organizations lack the infrastructure to navigate the complexities of health insurance billing and contracting. Joining our hub empowers those organizations to focus on service delivery rather than administrative challenges.”

“As a member of Inclusive Alliance, my agency raised the need for Inclusive Alliance IPA to develop the infrastructure to support CBOs like mine in billing Medicaid for the National Diabetes Prevention Program services we offer,” said Shari Weiss, Executive Director of Cayuga Community Health Network and member of the Inclusive Alliance Board of Directors.

“The human and technical resources required to bill are too costly for small CBOs on their own, but by working together, we will now be able to access additional revenue critically important to the sustainability of our programs.” Tania Anderson, Board President of Inclusive Alliance, congratulated the network and staff of the organization on this milestone accomplishment. “This contract recognizes the value that our grassroots network of CBOs throughout seven counties in Central New York has created through years of collaboration, coordination, and innovation. And the National Diabetes Prevention Program is only the first step in what our IPA will offer CBOs and the CNY community as a regional community care hub and social care network.”

The National DPP is an evidence-based lifestyle change program designed specifically for individuals with prediabetes and at-risk for type 2 diabetes that has consistently demonstrated remarkable results in preventing and delaying type 2 diabetes. Those who actively participate in this structured program can decrease their risk for type 2 diabetes by a substantial 58%. For individuals aged over 60, this risk reduction soars to an impressive 71%. Addressing disparities in chronic diseases such as diabetes is a central goal of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Framework for Health Equity.

The broader implication of this contract is to create a more inclusive, effective, and efficient health care payment system that not only supports CBOs and simplifies CBO contracting for health insurers, but also improves the health & wellbeing of the communities they serve with special focus on communities that face health disparities.

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